Chloe Carter

Hi, my name is Chloe, a 22 year old with a contagious zest for life. I have dirty blonde locks and vivacious personality. I exude warmth and charm wherever I go. I thrives on adventure, always eager to try new things and explore life’s possibilities.

Warm weather, breathtaking scenery, and the company of good friends are what make my heart sing. Whether it’s soaking in the sun on a sandy beach or admiring nature’s beauty in the mountains, I find joy in every moment spent in the great outdoors.

Currently, I am pursuing my Esthetician license, driven by committed to helping others feel their best inside and out.

As a hopeless romantic, I cherishes intimate moments and love connecting with others on a deeper level. Cant wait to meet!





600 1 hour
800 90 min
1000 2 hours
1500 3 hours
2000 4 hours
3000 6 hour
5000 12 hour
8000 24 hour

Incall +200 to reserve a room in Las Vegas.
Same Day Cancellation is $300

I love Duos with:


Age : 22
Base city: Las Vegas, Nv
Height 5’7
Bra size: 34DD (natural)
Shoe size: 7/38
Dress size: 7
Weight in lbs: 135
Eye color: green
Tattoos: 4
Personality: Bubbly
Ethnicity: Russian
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Fluent languages: English


Food: seafood
Drink: strawberry lemonade&& Don Julio 42
Dessert: chocolate cheese cake
Perfume: Armani my way
Music : pop
Hobbies: snowboarding&& wine tasting
Color: pink&& yellow
Flower: white roses&& pink dahlia


June 1-7th – San Jose

Send me this request if you’d like to get occasional updates on my plans.

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